Thursday, September 25, 2008


So a last minute trip to Sugar Land is what I'm doing tomorrow. The parentals wanted to see me as always. We planned on meeting in our normal happy middle place my aunt Lucie's in Dallas but that didn't happen this time. They wanted to all come up to Abilene...HAHA no I was like I'll come to you because it will take me an hour to show you the wonders of Abilene.I will venture off to Sugar Land and see all that has changed since I've been gone...seriously Ike canged stuff. Not to mention it's the weekend before my 21st birthday. That's right folks clear the roads another Armenian has turned 21 and really the number means nothing to us but here in the U.S.A. it means a little something...We shall see how this turns out. Not much else to report here. School is fine,friends are amazing! and that's all I got for now....Y'all have a good weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ike... and some

Hey guys! so hurricane Ike was a doozy! Man when I don't live at home anymore that's when all the exciting stuff happens. Yeah I love bad weather its so exciting! Our house didn't get too much damage, I think 1 of 6 satellite dishes fell and the roof is kinda beaten up but that is the extent of what happened....they did get their power back Saturday!!!! yeah that's how cool we Allahverdian's are. I think they kept having Armenian hurricane parties all week long since they didn't have school all week long. While all that maddness is going on in Sugar Land I am living my oh so exciting life in Abilene...
so I mentioned my death education class I am taking right. Well this week was pretty intense and hard. One of our assignments this week was to write our own suicide note and analyze it. Yeah weird and depressing, well writting it was really hard but 4 hours later and 4 pages later it was finished! My teacher read it and said that it was the best one he had ever read...compliment?? I'm not sure. He read it to the class (they didn't know it was mine) and people started crying sorry I can't help it I'm really good at writting(p.s. do you know how many people asked to read it a lot!) sorry though I don't think I want everyone to read that...writting it actually just made me appriciate everyone in my life even more! So with that I really appriciate all of you people in my life! Okay so if that wasn't sad enough I had to go to a cemetery and a funeral home and ask questions about all that. Guess what our next assignment is... you guessed right we have to plan out our own funeral. When is this assignment due you ask? MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! seriously October 2nd. sad day...

That's enough about that class for now. This weekend I'm going to watch Button!!! Callie's yorkipoo puppy! I'm her godmother that's right. It should be fun! but on the down side I'm sick I don't know what it is my ears, throat, body its all in pain...alrighty well that's all for now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rain rain go away.....

Its been raining for the past 3 days here in Abilene....which hey I love rainy weather thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes bring it! I love bad weather it just meakes me happy! But with all that said I'm kinda ready for it to stop only because Abilene being the amazing city it is does NOT have a drainage/sewage system! Who ever designed this city wasn't thinking. So it floods super fast! Not to mention all I want to do when it rains is nap, watch movies and eat! Besides all this rain life still happens. Classes are keeping me pretty busy.I'm basically living in the Foster Science Building! it's not as fun as it sounds trust me. If I'm not studying these days I've been reading my bible a lot. I never realized how amazing this book is! and I'm still listening to those sermons. I'm re-listening to the Love one...I'm catching things I missed last time.