Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10 Truths

Since I looked at Kandy's blog I shall give this a go. Yes I know I have been slacking in the updating my blog area.I give you the fast version for now. I have been doing a lot of sleeping and nothing. It is my last summer of freedom so I am abusing it. So much that I haven't been to church but like one time...I know I am a sinner. More later but for now my 10 truths.

1. I have a total of 11 tattoos,and secretly want to become a tattoo artist.

2. I have a turtle named Rambo!

3. I could eat mexican food and Armenian food all day everyday and be soooo happy!

4. I enjoy painting its relaxing.

5. I listing to music all day everyday!

6. I actually enjoy living in Abilene,but also love city living.

7. I have obsessions...

8. I love watching movies I am a movie junky!

9. I am a shopaholic.

10. I enjoy spending time with my close friends and I would do enything for them.

well there ya go 10 truths some you may or may not have known.