Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Damn my kidneys!!!

It has been a long time I know. I have been pretty with school and being sick for most of the semester. For the past month I have had recurring kidney infections and let me tell you they are not fun not one bit. Not to be too gross but lets just say I have kept much in my body this past month. I have been on about 9 or so different antibiotics and nothing seams to get ride of it or it did then as soon as I was off it another one came a calling. I haven't been able to eat my most favorite things because of course they go through your kidneys including coffee, tea, red meat, anything with an excessive amount of salt. I have been drinking cranberry juice like its going out of style and I am pretty sure Dr. Sanders is tired of seeing me in his office haha. The thing that is most annoying is all the doctors in abilene that can't figure it out. Let me tell you kidney pain is NOT fun! stay tuned for updates I will be keeping it up more because I don't do much now that I am in pain and in Sugar Land for the time being. Al I can ask for are prayers.