Saturday, May 16, 2009

how bordum sets in so fast...

Summer has begun the humid heat is not kind to my hair. I have been taking it easy the first few weeks but now its crunch time! If all works out I will be taking a cna class and possibly working just to give myself something to do.I have only had a few weeks of summer and I am already so freakin bored with it. All though I do have my cousin Seelva's wedding June 7th so I'm getting ready for that. This past sunday was Senior Tea and Seelva (my sister) was in that. Her story was the best by far! peeing in my closet crying on command. For those of you who do not know what that is. It's something my home church puts together for the graduating seniors pictures,funny stories,cake,food and gifts! It's a really nice tradition I still remember my senior tea...good times! Well lets see what this week has in store for me I have to figure out all this mumbo-jumbo.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer Time

There he is Rambo!! He is a Red Ear Slider and he is 5 years old. Yup that's him! He is pretty friendly for a turtle . It's kinda funny watching him swim into a corner and not really getting that he isn't moving.

I have finally moved out of UP the worst apartments ever!!! I now live in a house it is 100 times better! As you know I took a beating while moving into the house. Let me tell you it is not easy moving. I will be going to Sugar Land tomorrow so a nice 6 hour drive that is always fun. So stay tuned for that excitingness!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So a really good friend of mine is getting married and going to Japan to be with her man...who is in the marines or something like that.Anyways she couldn't take her turtle Rambo with her so I have adopted him!! Pictures coming soon. What else is going on...I'm moving into a house thank GOD for that! My room is twice the size of my entire apartment which I have been living in this past year and paying ACU way too much for this sad little place. I am living with some pretty amazing girls! Callie and Amy! and their dogs Button and Lola. We have the land lords from heaven! They are the sweetest couple, they send us pre-stamped/addressed envelopes and a little reminder when rent is due. I mean how cute is that!!

I have been slowly moving into the house this past week. FUNNY story okay so y'all know I have no balance what so ever and my right ankle is pretty much useless well I was carrying this container full of my dishes down stairs and after one step down the stairs....BAM I ate it i rolled down the stairs and my box landed on me. Don't worry the plates were safe I made sure of that. Me on the other hand I think I really messed up my ankle and I have a nice bruise on my ribs from the box landing on me.Other than that I am okay I think, I could totally be a spokesperson for Corelle though because through that big fall of like 14 steps my plates, bowls and cups made it!!! gotta love Corelle stuff!

That's all I have for now stay tuned for more soon. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

first post of's about time

Hello! it has been awhile...well I have had a lot going on to say the least. I haven't blogged since last freakin year! to start off I have been so busy and the busyness doesn't stop. As the spring semester comes to an end and yes I am still doing nursing but at a slower pace...ha I am not in any sort of rush,and still at ACU I had a rough fall semester so I decided to take it easy this semster. Now that the semester is just about done...Seelva is graduating high school I can't believe that!!!! it makes me feel so old. Sevahn got into medical school yup yup. and Anaheed well she is getting more grown up it's crazy!

I had 2 jobs this semester just to kill time since I took a light semester. I worked at Kohl's it was nice the people I worked with were really nice. I also worked for another OB/GYN in Abilene doing office work and such things basically the same thing I did for Dr.Wolhfahrt. It was fun I realized I like working in the medical field a lot! Now I will be in Houston for the summer just soaking up all that Armenian goodness! Having parties all the time drinking tea and eating crepes with my mezmama .