Saturday, December 26, 2009

That Time of year...

So I have been awful at keep up with this. My excuse is the fact I am still not feeling well. But we have come to the conclusion that my spine is curved in two spots which we knew, but it has gotten worse. Thus explaining my massive migraines ( my Atlas which is your first vertebra is tilted to the right 6 degrees and forward 10 degrees explaining why my entire body isn't functioning correctly.) and my L3 nerve is smooshed explaining why my kidneys and entire digestive system are not working. Meaning I can't eat the food I love and basically anything I eat it hurts me more. So with all this during usually one of my favorite times a year I can't enjoy it to the fullest.

On the bright side of this time of year it actually snowed in Houston. Which for me living in Abilene the past 4 years I was like this is nothing...but it was still nice. I obviously was a very good girl I got a Nikon SLR for Christmas A mazzzzzing!!!! Well there is a little update I am really feeling the pain now so I must go.

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